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Team of Volunteers

Our Team Of Specialists

Getting the right people with the right qualifications to a patient quickly is key. Enhanced and Immediate Care teams do just that by supplementing the ambulance crews. Our team is split into various grades as we help support our members to continue in their professional development. The grading is decided based upon clinical skill and against a role descriptor, in accordance with the pre-hospital emergency medicine framework.

Dr Rowley Cottingham

Lead Responder - Dr

Adam Waller

Chair, Lead Responder - ACP

Dr Roshin Sudesh

Lead Responder - Dr

Our Impacts In The South East

At BASICS South East we work hard to ensure that we make a positive impact to the areas we serve. Our Immediate Care teams bring clinical expertise and decison making to an incident. By focussing our skills into specific taskings we believe we can have a significant impact to those in need.

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Enhanced Care

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